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Suicide is a leading cause of deaths around the world. As per WHO’s, World Health Statistics Data 2017, currently there are 7.2 suicides per 100,000 in Nepal, 8.2 for male and 6.2 for female. Presently, Nepal is ranked 126th position on suicide rate per 100,000 people per year.

Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Center (MHPSPC) is a registered non-profit organization operating towards promoting awareness regarding mental health issues on a national level. Besides, we are also operating a toll- free suicide prevention helpline with trained personnel. Our awareness programs regarding mental health concerns are being conducted by some of the founding members consisting of musicians, therapists, doctors, counselors and volunteers.

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Our Programs
School Project

Mental Health Awareness School Program is a three day program conducted in government schools in and around Kathmandu valley. It begins with fun musical activities which develops into an original song created by the students themselves, a method derived from combining training received from MIMA, USA and Sibelius Academy, Finland. Through its approach, it intends […]

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Toll-Free Suicide Prevention Helpline

Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Centre (MHPSPC) is operating a toll-free suicide prevention helpline service round the clock, seven days a week. In line with its goal, MHPSPC aims to work for mental health awareness and suicide prevention in coordination and collaboration with national and international organizations.

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Mental Health Promotion

Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Centre (MHPSPC) promotes awareness regarding mental health issues by conducting awareness programs for mental health, suicide prevention via musical events, school programs, rallies, social media, TV and radio programs.

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Our Team

Dr. Arun Raj Kunwar

President (Psychiatrist)

Bandana Sharma

Vice President (Social Worker)

Dr. Ritesh Thapa

General Secretary (Psychiatrist)

Iman Bikram Shah


Dr. Sagun Ballav Pant

Member (Psychiatrist)

Chham Kumari Gurung

Member (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist)

Garima Gurung

School Project Coordinator

Gaurav Devkota

Program Service Manager

Annatara Edwards


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