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About Us

Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Center (MHPSPC) is a registered non-profit organization working towards conducting awareness programs for mental health and suicide prevention via musical events, school programs, rallies, social media, TV and radio programs. MHPSPC functions in coordination and collaboration with national & international organizations for preventing suicide. We look forward to collaborate with the Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal in functioning of Nepal’s first toll-free suicide prevention helpline where people in need can get professional help, free of charge.

Currently, we are operating a toll-free suicide prevention helpline with trained personnel. Along with the helpline, MHPSPC conducts school programs as well. Such programs include awareness on mental health issues and reduction of stigmatization associated with mental illnesses/disorders.  It’s three days exercise/awareness program in government schools makes use of music, movement and dialogue as tools for meaningful interaction with teachers and students. The focus groups are students of class 9 (aged between 14-16) and later along with teachers and school administration. The program is also driven by volunteers (young adults and teenagers) and financed by philanthropists who have pledged during the band Mental Radio’s musical events. Our goal is to take this program throughout government schools in Nepal.

Although various interventions have been undertaken at different levels in prevention and rehabilitation, a specific long-term national strategy for suicide prevention is lacking. An immediate response to this alarmingly rising health problem is a toll-free helpline that offers non-judgmental support and professional oral assistance. To address this need, a group of doctors led by Dr. Arun Raj Kunwar planned to start a suicide helpline. That was also when one of the band members of Mental Radio, Iman Bikram Shah received an email from Godavari Alumni Association about the helpline that the doctors had started and asked for collaboration and assistance of any kind. Since the band had been thinking of working to promote mental health issues in Nepal, this seemed like an ideal means to do so. The band believes that to bring change in policy level, one needs to work within the system. This is when they started collaborating with aforementioned doctors and as a result established an NGO, Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Center (MHPSPC).

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